¿Por Qué No?







“Why Not?,” translated from above, is the name of the hip, stylish, Mexican restaurant I went for dinner last night. It’s initial impressions are some that would please all: colorful and warm atmosphere, a constant waft of cooking from the kitchen, tables filled and a line going out the door during all store hours—but upon closer inspection and some extra visits, there seems to be a few reasons why not.

I was taken to Por Qué No by a friend almost two years back and had a great experience that was fun and memorable. I also learned that the owners were inspired to start the restaurant after visiting Morelia, a central Mexican city that I had been to before (and absolutely love). Ever since, I’ve come back at least thrice and have unfortunately had a different experience every time. On one day, the food would be delicious, fresh, and perfectly seasoned, while another would be salty, imbalanced, or lackluster. Despite the lowest lows I always keep coming back because guys, I want to love this place!


With all other experiences aside, the dining last night was pretty much okay on all levels. I ordered two tacos (Pescado and Camarones) and a peach lime agua fresca. The funny thing is that I actually ordered an horchata but quickly replaced it with another drink due to grittiness (uh oh…). But to my surprise, the agua fresca had a nice twist to traditional Mexican flavors (a specialty at Por Que No). It incorporated tartness of lime, sweetness, and peach pulp textures for possibly the most memorable taste so far. The tacos ($3.50 a pop) weren’t as flavorful as previous visits but alas, were still inhaled by an empty stomach.


You’re probably wondering what the deal-breaker is with this place and I believe it all comes down to price (and possibly the fact that it is hipster haven). I’ve had my share of Mexican and Cuban and et cetera, but never $3.50 for one taco. There’s something in the back of my head that tells me: hey, pretty decorations, hip music, and a young crowd will not make my wallet feel better about spending seven dollars on two tacos that won’t fill me up.

So with everything in mind, you can decide whether you’d like to give Por Que No a shot. I honestly will be back sometime in the Spring for a date with my boyfriend when they open their large garage door walls to let the warm air in. I decided to review this place because it’s quite possibly the most unpredictable eatery in my book (and hey, that’s kinda fun right?).

*This restaurant review was required by my class and I was in no way compensated for my words


4 thoughts on “¿Por Qué No?

  1. I love aqua fresca and that peach lime drink sounded good. I often don’t order horchata because I’ve had issues with grit too.

    I wonder at $3.50 a taco they would have to be an amazing taco. I don’t think I’ve ever paid more then $1.99 for a beef or chicken taco and once $3.00 for a fish taco.

    If I’m ever in your neck of the woods I’ll give it a shot.

  2. Yes, I believe their dining experience focuses more on atmosphere:style:food, rather than food:service, but I mean, we all gotta be trendy sometimes.
    I highly recommend that agua fresca though!

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