Movie Review: Eat Drink Man Woman

Finding a movie that is interesting and has the focus centered on food (that doesn’t rave about GMOs or other meaningless controversies) is hard to find, let alone made in Taiwan. So when I found out about Eat Drink Man Woman, I started *cough* downloading it as fast as I could. The film is a warm story about a father and his grown daughters that live at home and share an extravagant meal together every Sunday. When I say extravagant, I mean: the-father-is-a-famous-award-winning-chef-and-cooks-a-ridiculous-feast-every-Sunday kind of thing.

While I’d be extremely happy to have my dad do this for me (hey~~~~), the daughters all share the same idea of the feast: “Sunday dinner torture ritual.” The film emphasizes the dramatic and unexpected life changes of each of the three daughters (love life) and the father (loss of taste), making for a story that connects to all types of families. I was surprised how the cuisine in the film was so complex and delicious while the family was portrayed as impaired and wounded from sudden events. The dinner table was also a place where each daughter makes “announcements” of transitions from their traditional life style.

I found Eat Drink Man Woman to be very heart-warming and similar to some aspects of my life with my three sisters and dad. Of course, my dad isn’t an executive chef, but we all share differences sometimes and each have our own relationships with boyfriends or husbands and some more than others always question whether “father really know best.” I would recommend watching this find alone, with friends, a man-friend, or anyone. I love that it is realistic and sometimes whimsy to what is spoken around the dinner table.

Finally, I wanted to add a screenshot of my favorite scene from the film: “Old Chu”, the father, preparing the Sunday banquet for his daughters, and his 3-row-wall of knives (I’m adding that to my bucket list).


*all images were taken from Eat Drink Man Woman movie and are not claimed by The Creative Cocina or its owner.


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