Made My Way North: Vancouver, WA ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

Sooooo, it wasn’t my idea to go to Washington this past weekend (I am a diehard PDX fan anyway), but one of my good friends had the great idea to check out the Vancouver Farmers Market on Sunday. So we did. And I saw things. Cool.


Jk lol, I saw many things and I learned some stuff too.

On a side note, I recently went to the Beaverton, OR Farmers Market this summer and I gotta say, it was pretty amazing. I was there running a taste test booth for my work but I could clearly see in between my breaks that people are very serious about local produce. Almost everyone, young and old, brought several bags, totes, or boxes to load up on their market stay. The dedicated would arrive early and take the best goods and chat with all the local farmers and eateries and the whole place was packed. Like, jam packed. There was a great band that played covers of classic rock songs, a wide selection of prepared food stalls (I had pulled pork and a gravy smothered biscuit), and over 20 fresh produce vendors—not to mention the small section for local distilleries (cool!). So yeah, it was like your average farmers market: fresh, local, natural, organic, etc., etc…

…. So anyway, moving on to the Vancouver, WA Farmers Market….


Was it similar to the Beaverton, OR Farmers Market you say? Did it wreak the same passion for locally grown fruits and veggies? Was it 10X as wonderful??

Sadly, no. Which was kinda interesting. But it’s a great story.

My sister and I arrived about an hour earlier than our friends (they were late! gasp!) so we walked through the market twice before they came. We saw a jam/cookie booth, some local produce vendors, local eats, kettle corn, mini cactus/succulent plants, a soap/candle place, and one wine booth. That’s just about all I remember because it was pretty small. These “farmers market” booths were in one part of this park in Vancouver. On the other side, a big gathering was taking place around a large stage, which was lined with small informational booths for the community. Turns out, it was “Recovery Week” through a local church that wanted to promote recovery from drug addiction. This became apparent as we were handed some nifty brochures on the event, passed by a free bible stand, and would overhear the word “RECOVERY!” followed by, “GOD!” being shouted at the rally near the stage.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed an amazing corn dog once my friends arrived …


But really, it WAS amazing! It’s actually the first corn doggy I’ve liked so far! It was a hand-dipped jalapeño corn dog from one of the more popular stands (official name coming soon). Usually, I hate corn dogs because the batter is made too sweet or too cakey or because they cause reoccurring nightmares of my little ‘ole chubby self as a kid, but this one was p.e.r.f.e.c.t.* I bet it would even make Alton Brown proud <3

*even better with a polish sausage stuck in there


Moving on with the market…

Another weird thing that I saw was a Papa John’s Pizza stand. I didn’t quite understand the relevancy of selling $2 pizza slices at a farmers market dedicated to local, farm-fresh foods. It made me feel weird to see more families flocking near the cheap pizza chain booth rather than promising looking stands like Thai and Greek foods ran by families. But who knows, maybe the Papa John’s was local or a delicacy in Washington (those Northerners are pretty weird…).

Also, these are some cute puppies I saw (๑>ᴗ<๑) the smallest one even jumped at me while I was taking a photo and rubbed his wet nose all over my lens!


I had a really great time with friends, new and old, and a break from work is always a plus in my book. Of course, my experience at the Vancouver Farmers Market could be completely different from yours. Did you get to meet even MORE cute puppies? Found a finger in your corn dog?? Whatever your experience, whichever farmers market, I want to know =] Please post your comments, follow, and stay classy my friends!



4 thoughts on “Made My Way North: Vancouver, WA ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

  1. Hey Lauren,

    Long time no see :). It looks like you had a great trip to Vancouver. The furthest north I’ve ever gone is San Fran here in CA. One day I’ll make it up to Oregon (to graduate lol). That farmers market looked amazing we have some local ones here but none have hand dipped jalapeño dogs :(. Keep the posting up I love seeing the travels you go on and the food you encounter :)

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