Hello everyone and welcome to The Creative Cocina!

My name is Lauren and I am very excited to share with you all my experiences and future food endeavors! This blog is dedicated to the love of creating, smelling, tasting, and living food, whether it be through recipe posts, travel inquiries, and just about everything delectable and whimsy I’ve encountered as a Mexi-Asian! Growing up half Mexican and half Taiwanese proves to be quite favorable on my mission to eat deliciously in my final years of college at Oregon State University. I’d like to take you through my adventure of trying new foods that range from:

-The Cultured: Who knew Mexican and Asian foods were such a great pair! These posts will teach you recipes and facts about my multicultural background. They are a great way to mix up your dusty recipe bin and put a bit of spice and adventure in your life!

-The Simple: Everyone deserves a break from the 2 hour prep and 3 hour cooking time routine. Let’s cook or find foods that are quick, easy, use pantry ingredients, and are of course, yummy!

-The Indulgent: Let’s face the facts: We all have sweet tooths and big appetites sometimes! No, you probably shouldn’t eat these foods for every meal (but I’m a hungry college student so….) but Yes, they have every bit of sweet, savory, and oh-my-god, drool qualities.

-The Fun: New ingredients or cooking utensils are a marvel, but sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. The key to success is keeping it real and fun! Learning a new recipe or trying to perfect one has amazing attributes that always makes a great story too. Made a soufflé that was impeccable or totally burned the hell out of those onions? No problem! You’re not alone when on the path to cooking glory. (Meanwhile, take a pic of those onions, laugh at them, and swear vengeance!).

I hope you stay for this crazy adventure I call life and learn something along the way too!       -Lauren K.

More About Lauren

 I am starting my final year at Oregon State University and grew up in the Portland, OR area. I study Food Science and Technology, with an undergraduate certificate in Food in Culture and Social Justice.  I love to draw, listen to music, eat, cook, ride my bike, play videogame for hours, watch movies,  workout, spent time with the family and boyfriend, think I’m sophisticated, and talk to my pet budgie!

His name is Mr. Budgie and he already likes you :-)


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